A Seniors Week Film Event

D. Rohan Spong| 80mins | PG | AUSTRALIA

In New York’s West Village, the elderly residents of a unique artist community continue to question, challenge and create as though there is no tomorrow. Formerly the offices of the company spawned by inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the site threw open its doors to New York’s artistic community, offering dancers, poets and everyone in between a place to live and work.

Filmed across one extraordinary year in New York City’s Westbeth Artists Housing, video artist Edith Stephen (95) hopes to complete an experimental film for her birthday; revered contemporary dancer Dudley Williams (75) rehearses for an electrifying return to the stage; and published poet Ilsa Gilbert(82) faces her impending mortality with revealingly candid poetry.

Australian filmmaker Rohan Spong’s ‘Winter At Westbeth’ is steeped in the history of the arts in the city, and splashed with colour from the dynamic real-life characters profiled and the bright hues they choose to wear. An inspirational story about community, ageing and the need to keep creating.





CHCC Presents

Winter at Westbeth


Thursday 9 March


2pm & 6pm

Ticket Prices:

All tix $5

Includes a complimentary icecream


80 mins

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