A fine art collaboration performed as a visual album, consisting of original musical scores played to projected film sequences that combine gorgeous guitar layered compositions and captivating cinematic fragments of the Lennox/Byron coastline, including the surfing of Dave Rastovich, Joel Fitzgerald and Torren Martyn. A hypnotic, meditative and spellbinding experience. The album marks the second full-length album by Headland (including Murray Paterson of The Dark Horses, Joel Silbersher of GOD and Hoss, Brock Fitzgerald of Wolf & Cub and Colourflux, Ken Gormly of The Cruel Sea, Lucy Fisher, Les Dorahy and others) and the follow up project for filmmaker Stephen L. Jones, best known for the award-winning ‘El Mar, Mi Alma’ (2012).

Filmed and recorded around the Lennox/Byron coastline, True Flowers from this Painted World is an emotive portrait of a coastline that builds on traditional notions of landscape and seascape, culturally specific to a place and time.

JMT & Rebelwaltz Films Present

True Flowers From This Painted World


Saturday 3 March



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