The creators of the film ‘El Mar, Mi Alma’ and the LP Headland sound/track have collaborated on a new visual album centred on the Lennox/Byron coastline. Featuring original musical scores played to projected film sequences ‘True Flowers from this Painted World’ combines gorgeous guitar layered compositions and captivating cinematic fragments into a spellbinding live experience. The live performance is a spacious soundscape and emotive portrait of our beloved coastline. Featuring Dave Rastovich, Terepai Richmond, Joel Fitzgerald, Torren Martyn, Ellis Ericson, Araucaria Velasco, the mystery surfer and the massive swell of winter 2016.


Stephen Jones – Visual artist in the film and photographic medium, Stephen has worked in film and television in various capacities for over 15 years, founding Rebel Waltz Films in 2009 during the production of award winning film ‘El Mar, Mi Alma’(2012).


Les Dorahy – A well-regarded visual artist and instrument maker, since 2006 Les has operated the Nashua Road recording studio and in recent times his creative interests have been directed towards the accordion, composition and audio engineering.

Lucy Lilian – Byron-based violinist and filmmaker, Lucy has performed professionally in a variety of orchestras, ensembles and as a soloist with artists such as Tim Minchin, Marina Prior and the Russian Ballet Company.

Brock Fitzgerald – Much sought-after multi-instrumentalist, his CV includes recording artists such as Wolf & Cub, Steve Smyth, Green Buzzard and Colourful.

Ken Gormly – ARIA award-winning bassist for The Cruel Sea and curator of a remarkable collection of oddball guitars.

Murray Paterson – Best known as a musician/composer working with Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses and his compositions for Tex, Don & Charlie. In 2009 he and Perkins also collaborated on a film score for Rachel Ward’s feature film Beautiful Kate.

Luke Daniel Peacock – Highly regarded leader of his own band, Luke also contributes to numerous Brisbane-based outfits including Halfway, currently touring with iconic indie rock band The Go-Betweens.

Joel Silbersher – Singer/guitarist for seminal Australian rock band GOD who had an enduring hit with My Pal, written by Silbersher. Joel went on to form Hoss and Tendrils (with Charlie Owen). As a solo artist he released Greasy Lens in 2002.


Proudly supported by Need Essentials and Morning of the Earth Surfboards.




JMT & Rebel Waltz Films Present

True Flowers from this Painted World- live performance


Saturday 3 March



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All tix $35

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