Born deaf and blind, Marie Heurtin (Ariana Rivoire) has no way to communicate with those around her. Unable to cope with his daughter’s violent behaviour, Marie’s father takes her to the famed Larnay Institute. It is there that Marie meets Sister Marguerite (Isabelle Carré), a young nun who takes Marie under her wing. Armed with her faith, Sister Marguerite works tirelessly to bring Marie out of her solitary darkness.

Jean-Pierre Améris has created a moving and entertaining film that blends history and humour with a heart-warming tale of friendship and perseverance. His 2012 Festival hit, Romantics Anonymous, also starred the brilliant Isabelle Carré, who won the 2003 César Award for Best Actress for Beautiful Memories. The director and actress now reunite to tell this fascinating story based on real-life events in the late 19th century.

Cinematinee Presents

Marie’s Story


Thursday 26 May


10:30 am


Ticket Prices:


$10 Groups 10+


95 mins

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