Grigoryan Brothers



Friday 19 June

RAZ Music Presents – Grigoryan Brothers – This Time

In this show the Grigoryan Brothers, Australia’s most respected guitar duo will be performing works from their latest release ‘This time’ as well as a selection of works from their previous releases

The show highlights the brothers’ astounding skills which are at the core of the critical acclaim they have achieved in Australia and on the international stage.  The music for this project was written by a number of Slava and Leonard’s friends from around the world.

Slava and Leonard have a deep appreciation and understanding of a broad spectrum of musical styles. This has resulted in many collaborations involving music, both written and improvised.  Combine this with their classical training and the result is a unique sound incorporating all these influences.  It is not classical, not jazz, not world….it is the Grigoryan Brothers.

‘This Time’ celebrates the Grigoryan Brothers heroic qualities in harmonious proportion, as they deliver powerful performances of sensuous beauty and soaring vitality.’ Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept



Show Time


Show Prices

ADULT: $43
CONC: $38
(Prices include booking fee)

Duration: 2 hours incl.interval of 20 mins.