Have you ever wondered if it were possible to connect with your loved ones who have passed?

Would  you want to find out if they are still around? How they are & what they are doing?

Through the Spiritual Mediums, Sonja Tallis & Dianne Parker, this is possible!

Being Clairvoyant, Clairaudient & Clairsentient they are able to see, hear & feel as they connect beyond the veil.

The event CONNECTING BEYOND THE VEIL, is about making that connection.

Experience the wonder of the blending of two worlds & connecting with those you love & miss.

Come & seek the comfort & healing with this knowledge & know that our loved ones are but a breath, a thought away.

Did you know your loved ones are “waiting” to prove that they are still around?

They want to show you there is NO death, that life is continuous – ongoing!

As the two worlds blend, your loved ones will give to you their personal message, they are wanting you to hear.

Witness the incredible power of the Spirit World as your loved ones embrace you through these two Mediums, in an intimate evening of Mediumship.



Dianne Parker & Sonja Tallis

Connecting Beyond the Veil


Tuesday 11 April


Tuesday 11 April 7:30pm

Ticket Prices:

All tix $22

Price includes booking fee


2 hours no interval

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