Now in its fifth year, Sydney Opera House’s All About Women will again stream live to the Jetty Memorial Theatre.
Women & Media 10.30-11.30 
Start the morning with the renowned Geena Davis in her talk, Women and Media. Sharing her insight into Hollywood and the global film industry, Geena will discuss how far we still need to travel before girls can see the variety of women they want to become in the films they watch, the shows they stream and the media they absorb every day. How does film and TV culture reproduce gender stereotypes? And how can we change the industry so that it reflects and celebrates real women and girls?
Why Are You Not a Feminist? Backstage Q&A with Jessa Crispin 11.35- 11.55
Next, go backstage in an All About Women Satellite exclusive with Jessa Crispin to explore the ideas in her latest book, Why I Am Not A Feminist. Has contemporary feminism grown so tame, cowardly and irrelevant that it barely challenges the status quo?  Have feminists traded liberation for acceptance?  What will it take to wake the movement up?
Nasty Women (Panel)
Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Van Badham, Celeste Liddle and Lindy West 12.00- 13.00
What is it about women with opinions, or aspiratons to power, that brings out the worst in our culture? Whether we are called ‘nasty women’, ‘frightbats’ or ‘hysterical’- take your pick- these are labels that are deployed to try to put women in their place.  But what happends when women stop being afraid, and ‘nasty woman’ becomes a badge of honour?


Sydney Opera House and JMT Present

All About Women SATELLITE Event


Sunday 5 March


10:30- 11:30 am

Women and Media

11:35- 11:55 am 

Why Are You Not a Feminist? Backstage Q&A with Jessa Crispin

12:00- 13:00 pm

Nasty Women PANEL

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